New clothing

We are releasing our first free WordPress theme and would appreciate a wider audience than just the one among us Swedes. Therefore we started Nordic Themepark where we will write mainly in English.

Read more about who we are here.

Check out our first theme Swedish Greys.

Contact us with any questions regarding work. Or WordPress.

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2 Responses to New clothing

  1. I’ve already started using your theme and it’s awesome. Now, I’m going to try creating a child theme for another blog I own, some colours that need to be change to fit my logo.

    I really like the theme you guys created. I’ve been using it for a few days now and it’s ouh-so-great. Clean, simple, customizable. Thank you so much.

  2. Mohit Jain says:

    Awesome theme. I am a big fan of minimalism and swedish-greys theme is one the best example of that. I got it few days back using the same from that moment. Although I made some small changes in the theme, But It was great even without making any changes. Thanks for creating such an awesome theme.

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